REPOXYBLE: Processes and methods for recycling, reuse, and recovery of advanced composite materials in the transport sector

Friday 7th June 2024

9:00 – 12:30, Bruxelles and online  

Fiber-reinforced composites are amongst the enabling materials for the green and digital transitions in the transport and mobility sector. They allow for lightweighting, purpose-built functions, and high performances even in extreme applications. However, their overall safety and sustainability profile still suffers from potential negative impacts mainly related to manufacturing, and the end-of-life dimensions.

Research is on-going to develop more sustainable solutions, introducing biobased components, developing more efficient processes, exploring reuse and recycle solutions.


REPOXYBLE and several other European projects in the field are exploring and addressing key research questions to progress in developing more sustainable composites, including:

  • What are the most relevant factors to reduce the overall environmental footprint?
  • Can the recovery of high-value constituents be considered a real breakthrough in improving circularity of composite materials?
  • Which would be the main trade-offs in moving from lab scale to industrial scale in recycling?
  • How could the reversibility of the matrix affect material performances?
  • How to integrate the different aspects in a comprehensive and effective SSbD framework?
  • How to make the recovery of high-value constituents of composites a viable market?


The workshop aims to share insights with experts in the field on chemical systems and novel technologies, and production techniques toward recycling and recovery of high-value composite constituents, and to understand the interplay among these variables. A focus will be made on automotive, aerospace, marine and infrastructures applications.


Who should attend? Research and industry experts, research projects active on similar topics.

Format: hybrid, in presence in Brussels (location in definition) and online.


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