“Science is ready!”, to learn about IIT European projects

A monthly appointment for having lunch by listening to stories of science and technology funded by the EU


Science is ready! is the new digital festival that IIT organizes to present the collaborative projects won at European level. Each event will consist in 30-minute online conversation with the researchers who coordinate the various projects. The nine appointments, starting from 17th of February until to 14th of October 2022, will be broadcast live on the IIT LinkedIn page. The language of the conversation will be English, so as to represent the international dimension of the scientific research that the projects carry out together with partners in different EU Member States.

Conceived within IIT’s Communication and External Relations Directorate, in particular by the Foreign Press and Competitive projects communication Office, in collaboration with the Social media Office, the initiative will involve 25 Principal Investigators from IIT.

“Science is ready!” has a dual goal: on one hand, highlighting the importance of European investments for the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge and the creation of innovation, with an impact on different aspects of our life and society; on the other hand, showing the multidisciplinary nature that characterizes most of today’s scientific projects, being a key element to address a research subject from different points of view.

The project coordinators will be the protagonist of each event. The Festival will allow us to discover how projects came into being and what their objectives are, but we will also learn about the most difficult challenges to be faced, and the most important success achieved so far. We will talk about neuroscience and nanotechnology, bio-inspired robotics and technologies for social inclusion and environmental sustainability. We will discover new non-invasive therapeutic approaches based on light, understand how billions of data can be stored within a DNA molecule, and meet robots in the shape of plants or trunks…


  • Neuroscience of the future17 February
  • When nature and technology work together18 March
  • Nanotech meets genomics15 April
  • New tools for biomedical research6 May
  • Robots inspired by Nature19 May
  • Working class robots16 June
  • Sustainable science14 July
  • Technologies for inclusion15 September
  • See (and work with) the invisible14 October



About IIT

IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia is a scientific research center established by law in 2003 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate the economic development at national level. IIT scientific activities started in 2006, they are multidisciplinary and with a very strong approach to technology transfer. IIT staff is of about 1700 people, and its research is carried out in the Central Research laboratory in Genoa (IIT headquarters), in 11 research satellite centers across Italy and in 2 outstations in US. IIT scientific vision is interdisciplinary, based on the concept of “translating evolution into technology”, that is mimicking natural solutions to develop new technologies in the fields of robotics, materials science, and life science. The main goal is to produce technologies that will have a positive impact on some important societal challenges, such as sustainability and the environment, healthcare and aging society, also reflecting the priorities of EU framework programs.




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