“Slow Technology”: The new challenge for Made in Italy

The Miami Scientific Italian Community at CES in Las Vegas proposes a scientific-technological development more aware and focused on the individual.

Las Vegas, 9th January 2019
“Thinking of technology in a conscious way, as a broad development process that strengthens the ethical aspect, so investing in a sort of ‘slow and ethic technology’, means taking into account and evaluating all the consequences and impact on our society of every single innovation, referring to our values and always focusing on the individual” is the proposal launched by Fabio De Furia, President of the Miami Scientific Italian Community, on the sidelines of CES, the largest hi-tech fair dedicated to electronics for daily use, scheduled in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January.

“The industrial competitiveness, especially if declined in international contexts, is strongly connected to the processes of technological innovation – comments De Furia – and the ability to use, in its products and services, state of the art technologies, is one of the main assets for those companies that measure themselves on the global market. Technological innovation, however, is travelling at an impressive speed and it is often not possible to respond quickly and effectively to the changes that are taking place. For this reason we are working so that the scientific world and the entrepreneurial world can come together around a working table on ‘slow and human centered technology’ to reflect on the dynamics of scientific-technological development and its effects, focusing on the fundamental elements of our society as man and the family”.

“We want to promote the Made in Italy skills that, with their innovative energy, as demonstrated by the thousands of patents in the belly of our country, represent an opportunity for growth of the ‘Italian system’ – concludes De Furia – that talent and excellence in sectors with a high rate of innovation that can stimulate and encourage a virtuous circuit for technology transfer from our universities and research centers to global companies.




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