The tradition of Made in Italy art prints

Our innovative platform, the thirty-years old experience of the Magister combined with high-tech printing machines inspired by the 4.0 industry, are for you a guarantee in printing and reproduction of works of art in high quality.

Made in Italy: Not only Food and Fashion

The President of Miami Scientific Italian Community Fabio De Furia and Mariagiovanna during Art Basel 2018 Made in Italy: Not only Food and Fashion We are ready to export and make our talents and technologies known Facilitate the creation of institutional information networks between Italy and United States on issues...

Alberto Riva, PhD, Scientist will attend the 4th Annual Meeting of European Scientific Diasporas in North America: INNOVATION TO SOCIETY

Launched in 2015, the aim of the European Scientific Diasporas (ESD) annual meetings is to allow leaders and members of European Scientific Diasporas in North America to meet, discuss and exchange concepts about their research projects, professional and personal experiences in their respective diasporas and overall career path.

13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World

We are pleased to inform you that you are cordially invited to the “13th Conference of Italian Researchers in the World” conference organized by the CTIM in collaboration with COMITES~Houston and the Consulate General of Italy in Houston, that will be held on December 1, 2018 at: Richmond College, Sabine Hall #118, 12800 Abrams...

Al via NASA Space Apps

Al via NASA Space Apps, un hackathon internazionale che si terrà a Roma, presso la Facoltà di Ingegneria Dipartimento di Studi Aerospaziali, in contemporanea con altre città.

La Notte dei Ricercatori

Nella Notte dei ricercatori’, manifestazione promossa dall’Unione Europea il 28 settembre per sensibilizzare l’opinione pubblica ai temi della ricerca e dell’innovazione, il Cnr organizza molti eventi a Milano, Pavia, Mestre, Padova, Parma, Bologna, Firenze, Pisa, Roma, Napoli, Caserta, Lecce, Bari, Potenza, Rende (Cs), Catanzaro, Palermo, Catania.