Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Members of the Miami Scientific Italian Community Coronavirus Task Force will give an Update at the Citizen of Florida on efforts to curb the spread of #covid19

Miami Scientific Italian Community is committed to the health and safety of all residents in wake of the developing outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), making the timely dissemination of actionable intelligence essential.

Recognizing that education is vital, Miami Scientific Italian Community recently begun sending out communication to regarding important facts about COVID-19 and what steps to take.

The notion that “knowledge is power” has taken on a whole new meaning in our present climate, with the need for the timely sharing of actionable information to outpace the spread of the coronavirus being paramount.
The aim is to provide the broadest possible overview of the world of Italian and American excellence engaged directly or indirectly on Covid19 told by the viva voce of its protagonists, along with a collection of ideas on the impact that Covid19 could have in the various disciplines represented by the members and generate by means of targeted information and digital social networking platform of the contributions keeping the population informed to avoid panic and psychological collapse with the continuation of the crisis.





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