Guido Bertolaso in the USA: objective to meet Italian researchers

As Italy’s economic powerhouse and among Europe leading regions, Lombardy is already a strong partner with the U.S. and an ideal driver for an even stronger cooperation between Italy and U.S. Let’s build the future together!


Lombardy’s Councillor for Welfare Guido Bertolaso is on tour and after touching Argentina and Paraguay to recruit 500 nurses by the end of the year-needed to stem the staffing shortage in Italian public health he has arrived to Washington D.C. to propose plan to encourage the return of those Italian doctors who have opted for careers abroad.

The Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. with the involvement of Prof. Giusi Condorelli Science Counselor for Health, with star work has already planned meetings and organized a meeting directly in the dipolomatica headquarters to give more audience to the presence of Lombard representatives, has also planned a remote connection that will see the participation of the representatives of the California, Texas and Miami Scientific Italian Community: a good opportunity to demonstrate the value of the associations of Italian researchers that together with the institutions create the value Italy in the U.S.

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“First of all, I would like to reiterate that our doctors and nurses have top priority, and we have demonstrated this with concrete actions,” commented, Guido Bertolaso, “First, as Lombardy,” added the Regional Councillor for Welfare, “we have arranged a series of economic incentives for those who work in emergency rooms, for those who deal with emergency-urgency. We opened up to the liberal professions of the various specialties, including pediatrics, psychiatry, orthopedics. And also those specialties that we most lack in hospital facilities, increasing hourly incentives. The goal is to revitalize, reorganize our public health service.”

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“In Washington D.C.,” Bertolaso added, “not only because the Department of Health is based here. But especially because one of the most important landmarks of modern medicine and future science is here. Here, as well as in many other facilities scattered around the world, work, Italian doctors, researchers, scientists. With President Fontana we asked our Embassy to invite as many of them as possible to explain to them what is our project, what is our vision of public health in Lombardy and what are our intentions, our expectations.”




More information:  A Leading Region in Health Research and Innovation in Europe






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