PMI DAY 2018

The Ninth National Day of Small and Medium-Sized Italian Companies in the USA

Piccola Industria, the Organization of Confindustria (the General Confederation of Italian Industry) aimed to promote the development and growth of SMEs, organizes the National Day of Small and Medium Enterprises – SME DAY every year since 2010. This is an open day for Confindustria SMEs, focused on students and teachers. Its goal is to tell the new generations about the business world, its values, and the opportunities it could offer through guided tours inside the companies.

During this day, young people have the opportunity to visit a company, to learn through directly from the entrepreneurs about its history and objectives, to see closely how the business is carried out.

Thanks to organizational support of local Industrial Associations, these tours take place all over Italy and involve hundreds of companies and thousands of students accompanied by their teachers. Tours are also open to the participation of local administrators and journalists. In the latest edition the SME DAY involved more than 1,000 companies and over 40,000 participants.

In the last three editions, the participation of Confindustria Albania, Confindustria Bulgaria and Confindustria Serbia brought the SME DAY also to the Balkans, which were attended by more than 400 students. In this way, we have also promoted awareness about the Italian business culture abroad.

Even this year, Miami Scientific Italian Community (South East US), in collaboration with ISSNAF (Washington D.C.), BAIA (California), ODLIMAYAC (USA), ABROADTO the Community of Italian Companies (USA), ORGOGLIO BRESCIA (Chicago) and The Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C., has been charged to organizing and selecting partners for Confindustria SME DAY in the United States.

This edition, as customarily, coinciding with Confindustria Business Culture Week. The initiative is also included in the European SME Week promoted by the European Commission.

“We bring young students in direct contact with the real world of businesses, to show them that our work is made of concrete commitment and passion, always alongside our collaborators, while keeping sight on changes and being open to innovation”.

“We want to stimulate young American students to keep an optimistic outlook of the future, and to show them that we manufacture the best products in the world and that with our innovative production processes, we will help them becoming protagonists of the globalized economy.”




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